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Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un impersonators thrown out of Olympics

12 February 2018

For hours Saturday, South Korean media was abuzz over the contents of a mysterious blue folder carried by the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to her lunch date with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

"We had great support from the people in the arena, but were not able to live up to their expectations", said Jung Su Yuon, a North Korean forward.

Kim Yong-nam is the highest-ranking North Korean official to ever visit the South, while Kim Yo-jong is the first member of the ruling family to do so. Then when the Korean team entered the stadium under a unified flag, Pence sat stone-faced while Moon and North Korean officials stood together in applause.

North Korea's state news agency said on Sunday its delegation sent to the Winter Olympics held "frank and candid" talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in but there was no mention of the North's invitation to Moon to Pyongyang for a summit.

On no, said the conservative Munhwa Ilbo: The visit is a cynical attempt to weaken worldwide sanctions over the North's weapons programs and water down the U.S.

Pence had said all week that if he met with the North Koreans, he would deliver a tough message.

Economic sanctions meant to make North Korea change its policy must be continued. But as the peninsula tries to de-escalate the threat of nuclear war, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence warned the slated to impose another round of sanctions against North Korea.

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"We are determined to make sure that even in the midst of the powerful background & idealism of the Olympics, the World is reminded of the truth about North Korea", Pence tweeted on Friday.

Vice President Mike Pence did not deliberately snub North Koreans at an Olympic reception, according to United States officials who pushed back on South Korean reports that Pence deliberately came late to a VIP gathering Friday evening and then snubbed officials from Pyongyang.

Many observers remain suspicious of North Korea's intentions, given the regime's history of brutality and aggression. A White House official indicated that it was fair to cast the lack of interaction between Pence and the North Koreans in Moon's box as mutual.

"Explicitly speaking, we have no intention to meet with the United States side during the stay in South Korea".

Moon watched the unified Korean hockey team take the ice Saturday evening for the first time with Kim.

"The Olympics seems like a political show - and South Korean players losing their spots to North Korean players for the joint women's ice hockey team is unfair".

The United States and Japan are anxious that Pyongyang is apparently trying to weaken worldwide economic sanctions against it by cozying up to South Korea and buy more time to advance its missile and nuclear technology. Many South Koreans, meanwhile, who have been threatened with war for decades and saw 50 of their citizens killed in attacks blamed on North Korea in 2010, will be deeply wary of any deal that does not provide real security.

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That may turn out to be errant speculation, but the USA doesn't appear to share global relief that there's a glimmer of hope for diplomacy after a year of escalating tensions and fears of nuclear war, fueled by insults slung between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

"We have to be wise, because North Koreans are politically and diplomatically very clever".

However, Pence also said that his trip was meant to "reaffirm the strong and unbreakable bond between the people of the United States of America and the people of South Korea".

"I think Kim Jong Un is really a bad person and a villain", said Park Keon-ho, 24, a computer science student at Korea University of Technology and Education. But they also nurse at least some frustration over the hard-line approach toward Pyongyang that U.S. President Donald Trump has pushed over the past year.

Mr Pence shook hands with other leaders, including close ally Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, but not Kim Yong-nam.

At a Friday VIP reception for delegation leaders, Pence arrived late and stayed for just five minutes - and did not interact with the delegation from the North.

North Korea invites South Korean president to visit
During Saturday's meeting, Moon also called for the North to step forward to engage in talks with the U.S. Moon said he wanted to "create the environment for that to be able to happen", according to the office.

Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un impersonators thrown out of Olympics