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Trump signs budget agreement, ending US govt shutdown

11 February 2018

The Senate eventually passed the bill in the early hours of Friday morning on a 71-28 vote.

The fleeting government shutdown began after Republican Sen. In addition to the six-week extension of government funding, it would raise spending by roughly $320 billion, providing $80 billion above the spending caps for defense and $63 billion for non-defense for this year, and another $85 billion more for defense and $68 billion more for non-defense for the next fiscal year.

Some fiscally-minded Republicans disapproved of the bill's increased spending, among them Sen.

President Donald Trump signed a spending bill Friday morning to keep the government operating after some brief uncertainty about when he would do so.

Combined with the Republicans' December tax cut bill, the burst in spending would put the GOP-controlled government on track for the first $1 trillion-plus deficits since Obama's first term and the aftermath of the most recent recession nine years ago.

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Senate Democrats sparked a three-day partial government shutdown last month by filibustering a spending bill, seeking relief for "Dreamer" immigrants who've lived in the country illegally since they were children. The Republicans got the spending that they wanted.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Paul said United States taxpayers "are getting stuck with the bill" as spending levels beyond the amount of revenue are allowed.

It also provides a massive $90 billion disaster relief package and funding to address the nationwide opioid abuse crisis.

Importantly, Ryan said, a two-year budget deal will enable Congress to "step off this carousel of short-term funding bills" and focus on other issues.

The massive federal spending deal struck by Capitol Hill leaders from both parties came packed with goodies in a buffet created to let lawmakers of both parties find something they liked.

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Pelosi chose not to vote for the plan even as she lauded the plan as very good for the party, but she didn't push other House Dems to vote with her.

Sen. Rand Paul, center, takes a brief break from the floor of the U.S. Senate to pose for a photo with Rep. Justin Amash, left, and Rep. Thomas Massie in Washington, DC, on February 8. And anytime Republicans and Democrats agree on anything these days, some measure of praise is in order.

The agreement would increase the government's borrowing limit to prevent a first-ever default on USA obligations that looms in just a few weeks.

The midnight deadline was missed because of a nine-hour, on-again, off-again Senate floor speech by Senator Rand Paul, who objected to $300 billion in deficit spending in the bill.

'The House of Representatives voted 240-186. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who staged her own, eight-hour talk-a-thon against the bill on Wednesday to draw attention to the plight of DACA recipients, said she would oppose the deal unless Ryan committed to vote on legislation in the House addressing their plight.

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Trump said last September he would end by March 5 a program set up by former Democratic president Barack Obama to protect the Dreamers from deportation, and urged Congress to act before then. "Rand Paul voted for a $1.5 trillion hole in the budget". Such debt limit votes are usually enormous headaches for GOP leaders, but the increase means another vote won't occur before March 2019.

Trump signs budget agreement, ending US govt shutdown