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Monster Hunter World Now Fastest Capcom Game to Ship 6 Million Units

09 February 2018

Capcom has reiterated that it's still looking into the persisting matchmaking issues in Monster Hunter: World for Xbox One, although the latest patch does nothing to alleviate the ongoing problems. Additionally, players in squads whose squad leaders have their data reset will also see any affiliated data disappear the next time they log in.

Fixed an issue where some players could not claim the item pack "5 Million Celebration Item Pack". Unfortunately, this will mean all of those affected by said bug will have their squad data wiped, and will have to re-invite party members again.

Apple says DON'T fear about leaked source code - experts say DO
According to Apple's own usage share figures , seven percent of active iOS devices are current running iOS 9 or below. While clarifying, the company said that the iPhone security doesn't rely on source code secrecy.

"And in case you haven't tried this yet, it's been reported that some hunters have had success using the "Matchmake" feature after setting their NAT connection settings to "Open" on their Xbox One".

This not only made the game the best-selling top paid game on Xbox One but, also made the game the fastest selling game in Capcom's publishing history. The availability for this item pack has been extended to February 22, 23:59 (UTC).

All New Honda Civic Unveiled at Auto Expo 2018! - Images & Details
The CR-V never got a diesel engine option in India, but now gets a new 1.6-litre diesel engine for the first time in the country. The CR-V too has been tweaked on the outside, with new looks and an extra row of seats, along with a much-needed diesel engine.

Fixes regarding the decorations that were lost and the issues with selection of items has been taken care off. With more and more being revealed about the upcoming fighter pack, now is the ideal time to tackle a few of the issues players are reporting in-game with their favourite fighters.

It terms of balance changes, the Bowgun has been tweaked, with a nerf to Slicing Ammo and buffs given to Normal, Pierce and most Elemental Ammo in exchange. You can also now only hold 30 Slashberries in your Item Puch rather than 60. Elderseal calculation for dragon pods has also been readjusted.

Alito rejects GOP challenge to Pennsylvania voting map
This is the only state in 2018 where court rulings on extreme Republican-led gerrymandering are poised to see new U.S. Republicans have also expressed skepticism that the courts will accept a plan provided by the Legislature.

Fixed an issue where the assignment "Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi" would not appear on the quest board after departing on a different quest in the middle of speaking with the Chief Botanist just before the quest is first assigned. Its PC version releases in Fall 2018.

Monster Hunter World Now Fastest Capcom Game to Ship 6 Million Units