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Iran Reproves US Sanctions Which 'Cross All Red Lines,' Vows to Respond

14 January 2018

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has said he expects President Trump to impose sanctions on Iran.

Russia, which played a key role in mediating the 2015 deal, says that any such move by Trump to scrap the deal would be a colossal foreign policy debacle for the United States.

US President Donald Trump Friday said that he will soon take a decision whether or not to re- impose sanctions on Iran which was lifted in 2015 under the landmark nuclear deal signed between the Islamic Republic and six world powers.

While Trump approved a sanctions waiver, the Treasury Department chose to impose new, targeted sanctions against 14 Iranian entities and individuals.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister, accused Trump of "desperate attempts to undermine a solid multilateral agreement", tweeting on Friday: "JCPOA is not renegotiable: rather than repeating exhausted rhetoric, United States must bring itself into full compliance -just like Iran".

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Three months ago, Trump answered a congressional deadline by refusing to "certify" US participation in the deal.

To fix what he described "disastrous flaws" in the deal, Trump demanded that Iran be denied "all paths to a nuclear weapon not just for 10 years, but forever", and that Tehran allow "immediate inspections at all sites requested by global inspectors". The administration accuses Larijani of being responsible for the violent crackdown on dissidents in Iran during recent protests.

Mosser says the goal of the deal has been to reintegrate Iran into the global economy and reduce their nuclear ambitions. On top of that, President Trump wants to make clear that Iran's missiles, even conventional missiles are "inseparable" from the nuclear deal.

In return, decades of global and USA nuclear-related sanctions were suspended.

The waiver he will sign suspends sanctions for another 120 days, but he warned that if a new agreement was not made "the United States will not again waive sanctions".

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A report this week by analysts at the NY financial services company Citigroup said any move to weaken the nuclear deal would cause the "dislocation of at least 500,000 barrels a day of Iranian crude oil exports, especially those going to Korea and Japan, as well as to some European countries", according to CNBC.

In October, Trump said he would not certify Iran's compliance with the nuclear agreement that was negotiated under the previous administration because it was "in violation of the spirit" of the accord.

If Trump indeed extends the sanction relief it will be the third time since entering office last January that he stopped short of withdrawing from the nuclear deal. Work already has begun on this front, the official said.

First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri said in a post on his Instagram page that the USA would "lose out" if they withdrew from the deal.

The issue was also discussed by French president Emmanuel Macron and Mr Trump in a phone call on Thursday.

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"If the president gets what he wants from the European, then he's willing to stay in the deal and keep waiving the sanctions", said a White House official.

Iran Reproves US Sanctions Which 'Cross All Red Lines,' Vows to Respond