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Hillary Clinton Calls Donald Trump "Ignorant, Racist" Over His Sh*tty Behavior

14 January 2018

The African ambassadors issued the statement following an emergency meeting after Mr Trump used vulgar language to reject an immigration bill, asking why the United States would take in more people from Haiti and "s***hole countries" in Africa.

This instance is not the first time the president has made derogatory statements about non-white nations. "When you see children who are kidnapped or placed to become soldiers or children that are killed, those are the conversations I would like to see us have as far as Africa is concerned".

The Trump administration has been feeling the heat after the president allegedly called nations like Haiti, El Salvador and several African countries "sh*thole countries" during a bipartisan meeting about immigration. The White House said it will end the designation for Haiti by July 2019. Maybe not the Trump family and his fellow billionaires, but the people who have been paying for their elders' Social Security and Medicare every payday may not be so lucky.

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Developing countries do have difficulties, but they are not "shithole countries", Duarte said, while calling Trump's remarks as "unfortunate".

Rep. Al Green (D-Tx.), who previously introduced articles of impeachment against President Trump, said in a tweet that "Congressional condemnation of racist bigotry is not enough" and stated that he would once again force a vote on the House floor to impeach Trump.

There also has been a larger industry discussion on whether to label the president of the United States as a "racist" - on air and in chyrons - on television. After an emergency mtng today @UN, Africa group says it "is extremely appalled at.outrageous & xenophobic remarks" attributed to Trump & "demands a retraction and an apology". The privilege was given to El Salvador following a series of earthquakes in 2001. What was really tough was the outlandish proposal made - a big setback for DACA!'

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Jackson, a Navy rear admiral, directs the White House medical unit and has worked as a White House physician since 2006. He later took to Twitter to deny the racist comments. They are doing nothing to fix DACA. They are all talk and no action.

"On this day, we should be recognising their grace, courage, loss, hardship and heroism", the actor wrote in Time.

Trump's allies have argued that the controversy over his remarks is overblown.

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Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, compared Mr Trump's comments to Nazism.

Hillary Clinton Calls Donald Trump