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Samsung MicroLED makes massive, 146-inch modular TV a reality

13 January 2018

The Wall is a 146-inch 4K Tv that has just been revealed by Samsung at the CES in Las Vegas. It also showcases some of the latest and most advanced TV display technology Samsung has ever presented to the wider world. That is something you would only expect from a projected screen.

LG is claiming right now about its brand new television to be the world's first 88-inch, 8K, OLED display and was actually created as a design to show off what OLED technology is proficient of.

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We were a underwhelmed by Samsung's press conference at this year's CES.

The Wall is also a "micro LED" display, which carries numerous benefits of OLED displays, including the ideal reproduction of the color black, infinity contrast ratio, and gorgeous colors. But whether or not micro LED TVs could contend for a spot in your living room over OLED TVs remain to be seen. This means that it offers excellent contrast, not unlike OLED panels, because you can turn off individual pixels with the backlight.

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According to Samsung the TV uses what they call MicroLEDs. The Wall can achieve a searing 2,000-nit brightness, higher than any LED LCD we've tested, and the combination should produce breathtaking pop, especially for HDR sources. Even today's best OLED 4K TVs can't reach even half of that so far.

Thanks to its smaller self-emitting LEDs, Samsung's technology promises an even brighter image while delivering black levels that are on a par with or better than OLED. The name of the TV itself, however, is entirely appropriate: The Wall. Samsung has broken through the problems faced by the industry when it comes to such large screen sizes.

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Samsung hasn't yet named an official price for The Wall or a firm launch date but there will be a press event in March with more information.

Samsung MicroLED makes massive, 146-inch modular TV a reality