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King cake, purple ice cream at stake for Vikings-Saints

13 January 2018

Whether Drew Brees' 12 playoff games and almost 4,000 career passing yards in the postseason give him an advantage when the Vikings host the New Orleans Saints will be determined Sunday afternoon.

The wait is over, the first round bye is officially over, and the Minnesota Vikings are getting ready for their playoff revenge versus the Saints.

If you're headed to the Saints vs. Vikings game this weekend, you'll want to pack lots of layers and your thickest cold-weather clothes.

Minnesota beat New Orleans 29-19 on the opening day of the season at US Bank Stadium.

Where: U.S Bank Stadium, which is hosting its first National Football League playoff game three weeks before hosting Super Bowl LII. "Obviously this is a very exciting season for the Vikings, and I was just thinking, "Should I be watching the game on the field, or should I be watching my grandma's reaction to that game?'"

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Kingsbury has always been a champion for Keenum, who was the first quarterback he coached when he arrived at Houston in 2008 as a quality control specialist. He started and barely lasted the first half, before Keenum took over. But if Keenum begins to struggle, could we see Bradford?

The Vikings probably won't have three quarterbacks active on Sunday.

"I think they really found an identity, and they're playing really well right now", he said.

"Some guys have that innate sense to get out of the pocket and either get forward for 6 or 7 [yards], make it second-and-3 or get outside the pocket and find somebody down the field", Kingsbury said.

They will have an advantage against the Saints on third-and-short as New Orleans' defense ranks 22nd in first downs allowed in those situations.

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Over the last four months, though, they've been cashing in on Keenum, a dividend that has paid out handsomely for both parties. The Saints can win - and have done so - with Brees carrying the team, but they will have a much better shot at pulling off the upset if they can get Ingram and Kamara going. I study him just about every offseason, just looking at things that he does well mechanically, decision-making.

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Case Keenum had a career season in 2017 as he commanded the starting position once he got a chance and never relinquished it. The punting and kicking game will be a significant factor in Sunday's bout.

Bradford also had success against the Saints way back in Week 1.

And the Saints will hope Thomas can have another big playoff performance on Sunday.

In a league where numerous best edge rushers are on the lighter/speedier side, Jordan is one of the largest players at his position. The most recent came in the 2009 NFC Championship, when the Saints prevailed 31-28 in overtime in the Superdome to reach their only Super Bowl, which they won two weeks later.

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King cake, purple ice cream at stake for Vikings-Saints