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Bandai Namco Comments On Potential Discount For Dark Souls Remastered On PC

13 January 2018

The announcement first came during a surprise Nintendo Direct overnight, which highlighted Dark Souls Remastered as one of the Nintendo Switch console highlights for the first half of 2018.

The initial announcement on the PlayStation Blog yesterday trumpeted a number of key enhancements for the title, including HDR Lighting and various other bits and bobs, such utilising assets from the Dark Souls III engine.

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Bandai Namco has announced a remastered edition of the original Dark Souls action RPG game.

Remakes have been rumoured for release on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The Switch version will run at a 1080p/30fps in docked mode and 720p/30fps in handheld mode. I am concerned about the Switch release, as I can imagine many a broken console for newcomers. A press release for the game says that it will be upscaled for 4K resolution with 60 fps for the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. The company is known for creating and publishing numerous industry's top video game franchises, including PAC-MAN™, TEKKEN™, SOULCALIBUR™, DARK SOULS™, NARUTO™, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™, Dragon Ball, GALAGA™, RIDGE RACER™ and ACE COMBAT™. On the PC the game will render at native 4K resolution. According to the information, the game will launch on May 24th. In handheld mode, it will be 720p and 30 fps.

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Souls fans were excited about the prospect of the game coming to Switch for one primary reason: the ability to play it on the go.

Gameplay will not change much from the original. It is also now being speculated that the multiplayer will be expanded to support up to six players. The last Dark Souls was Dark Souls 3, which was released in 2016. Even the current PC port isn't the best, so to finally be able to see this game in its intended glory is all I really need.

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Re-experience the critically acclaimed, genre-defining game that started it all.