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Ford gives Edge the ST treatment

12 January 2018

Ford today unveiled its first-ever ST-badged crossover model: the 2019 Ford Edge ST.

A new ST version was recently revealed as the hero of the Ford Edge SUV range in the USA, replacing the former Sport variant, but unfortunately it isn't likely we will see the revamped model here any time soon.

The Edge Sport has been rebadged as the Edge ST for 2019, with the 2.7-litre turbo V6 now making 335 hp in US spec (up 20 hp) and 515 Nm of torque. Whether or not the buyer choses to relay that output to the front wheels or feed all four in an Edge spec'd with all wheel-drive, power will first be fed through a Ford-developed 8-speed automatic transmission. This mode ups throttle response, alters shift mapping and holds gears longer while, presumably, drifting through corners with the family and dog in back, although there is no "drift mode" per se. There's a more aggressive-looking aero pack, dual exhaust tips, and 21-inch wheels, and there'll be an upgraded performance brake package offered as well - a good idea considering the levels of inertia involved in a performance SUV.

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Increased cornering capabilities come courtesy of a sport suspension with retuned dampers, springs and standard 20-inch wheels. The ST model gets some more heavily bolstered seats and unique leather patterns with silver seat stitching, along with different sill plates, a unique gauge cluster and an ST-branded steering wheel. This is similar to the driving modes found in the updated Fiesta, though the USA -market Fiesta ST and Focus ST's "sport mode" simply backs off the stability control.

As expected from Ford, both Edge ST and Edge are gaining some new technology for 2019.

Ford has whipped the covers off its Territory-replacing Endura due in the fourth quarter, with the large SUV making its debut this week as the facelifted Edge sold in overseas markets. Paddle shifters allow drivers to switch into manual mode.

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Ford adds a suite of driver-assistance technology to all '19 Edge models including forward collision braking and post-collision braking, pedestrian detection, lane-keeping alert and assist and blindspot and cross-traffic alert. In addition, standard safety features include AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control and Curve Control, and 911 Assist. An embedded Wi-Fi modem capable of supporting 10 devices up to 50 feet (15 m) from the vehicle is standard. SYNC 3 means there's a wireless charging pad for compatible smartphones, and if you choose you can get HD Radio, and a 12-speaker sound system from B&O Play.

Ford first expanded production of the Edge in Canada three years ago, announcing then that the vehicle would be exported for the first time to western Europe.

Ford also rolled out a refreshed Edge ahead of next week's Detroit auto show. This system supports the new Ford+Alexa app, giving users access to their favorite media content, daily appointments, smart home controls, and the ability to search for nearby points of interest and even shop for everyday items, all from the road.

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Ford gives Edge the ST treatment