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Chip flaw could lead to class action suit vs Intel

12 January 2018

Intel will help customers find the best approach in terms of security, performance and compatibility, it said in a statement on Tuesday.

Intel and Mobileye are moving forward with the latter's REM platform, an HD mapping solution that uses data collected by REM-capable vehicles on roads to build maps that can be used as a key ingredient in ADAS and autonomous driving systems.

Krzanich showed how companies are using Intel's technology to transform their businesses through AI.

Intel has put particular emphasis on self-driving cars, spending $15 billion a year ago to buy a small Israeli company called Mobileye that had an early lead in producing technologies for that market. SAIC is said to develop Levels 3, 4, and 5 autonomous vehicles based on Mobileye's technology. Chief Executive Officer Brian Krzanich prefaced his annual celebration of the future of technology with a warning.

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Intel also said that it would join forces with SAIC and NavInfo, a digital mapping company, to extend the crowdsourced map building that is necessary to roll out self-driving vehicles to China.

Intel shares were under pressure last week after researchers pointed to the so-called Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities affecting the chips powering most modern PCs and many mobile devices.

After leading with the news that the company will fix all Meltdown vulnerabilities by the end of the month, Krzanich launched into a far-reaching talk which covered driverless cars, self-learning AI chips and virtual reality.

How artificial intelligence, 5G connectivity, and big data will shape the technology-centric future were all talking points at this year's Intel CES exhibit.

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According to Krzanich, this development will go some way towards allowing the still-nascent quantum computing to fulfil its potential.

The device, called Loihi, which Intel is putting through its paces at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, is a neuromorphic chip-one that mimics, in a simplified way, the functioning of neurons and synapses in the brain.

To that end, Krzanich says Intel is working to create "immersive" and "volumetric" media that could attract more interest from mainstream consumers. But how this is changing technology is essentially with the way the data is used.

Whether Intel sees a slew of defectors or is forced to offer discounts, the company could take a hit to one of its fastest growing business units. Regarding AI, Krzanich presented a new partnership with Ferrari North America and introduced the newly established Intel Studios, saying Paramount Pictures will be the first major Hollywood studio to explore AI together with Intel.

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Whether or not you think flying cars will become a legitimate mode of transport, everyone is in love with the idea.

Chip flaw could lead to class action suit vs Intel