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Death Stranding Still Teases Surrealism In New Trailer

08 December 2017

There's more Norman Reedus, more Norman Foetus, and those unusual black figures from the game's debut trailer over a year ago.

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For as much as that explains what happened in this new trailer, it does absolutely nothing to explain why any of anything happened. What this means for Death Stranding is unknown, but it could be theorized that Norman Reedus' character has the ability to either utilize black holes as a form of travel or simply needs the formulas written down for whatever he's on a quest to do. As you can expect, the video was on the odd side. There is still no game play footage, but based on the trailers it's safe to say that the game will feature plenty of Kojima's infamously freakish ideas. The trailer then goes on to take us through a total mindfuck as we watch Reedus deal with invisible foes, protect a baby, and get submerged deep underwater. Then comes that enigmatic baby that's been popping up in all of the Death Stranding promotional material, as Mads uses his last moments of life to hand the capsuled baby off to Norman Reedus for safe-keeping.

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It's hard to fully discern what any of the trailer actually means, but it offers more of a look into Death Stranding than has been previously shown. He was joined by Norman Reedus, who joked about finding the footage just as esoteric as the rest of us.

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Death Stranding Still Teases Surrealism In New Trailer