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Some Destiny 2 activities now unavailable without DLC purchase

07 December 2017

Likewise, the endgame level and Power Level requirements have also been raised for activities like the raid and Nightfall Strike. One is Power Level while the second one is Character Level.

According to reports, with the arrival of the expansion in Destiny 2, the minimum level to deal with some activities has increased (to reflect the new level cap introduced). That means that the Destiny 2 Platinum trophy is now unobtainable without the expansion.

Curse of Osiris now requires players to have a power level of 330 in order to access the prestige raids and firestrikes from the base game.

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Curse of Osiris is the game's first expansion, and it just received a launch trailer.

So if you're playing on Destiny 2 without the expansion, you're stuck at 305 Power Level and left out in the cold from the nice 330 endgame content. The new "base" level of the Nightfall and Raid is now 300, making them as hard as the Prestige mode was before.

The key point here is that this content has been locked from players that have already paid for it.

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It will be interesting to see if there are any Sony policies that will require Bungie to make changes, specifically regarding the locking of a Platinum trophy behind a paywall outside of the vanilla game purchase.

Activision and Bungie have not commented yet on this.

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Some Destiny 2 activities now unavailable without DLC purchase