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Faster Firefox Quantum browser is now available

15 November 2017

Right now, Chrome boasts a 54.57% market share, while Firefox is languishing at 6.08%. This new Firefox Quantum browser is now available for download. The company says it brings massive performance improvements thanks to Project Quantum, the code name Mozilla used while building next-generation architecture for a new Firefox.

Mozilla claims that Quantum is faster than Google Chrome on a number of popular websites, including Google search, Google's login page, Wikipedia, Bing, Tumblr and Shutterstock.

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Finally, Mozilla emphasizes the fact that they will continue to improve on tools released with users' needs in mind, like the Screenshots app and the secure navigation mode, which they say is truly safe and private because it is not run by one of the big corporations that want to mine your data. Until now, Mozilla has always numbered, never named, its browser releases. Everything's flatter, more minimal and more modern. The old gray and orange design is gone, replaced by a more minimalist white design with blue highlights. This update has taken six months, but the results seem to be paying off. It supports high DPI monitors so text won't look blurry on high resolution screens. As you open more tabs in Quantum, it takes up less memory than opening up different tabs in Chrome. One of the major new features, the new Quantum CSS renderer, has not arrived to the mobile browser yet (it's now slated for Firefox 59). According to those news reports, Mozilla would still be due money, perhaps more than $1 billion although the amount was unclear, for the remaining two years of the contract.

The browser is redesigned from the ground up, based on how the internet operates now, rather than when Firefox debuted in 2002. The goal is to make Firefox the fastest and smoothest browser for PCs and mobile devices - the company has previously promised that users can expect "some big jumps in capability and performance" through the end of the year.

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Firefox Quantum uses a series of algorithms to make itself twice as fast as Firefox builds from this Spring. If you can't read something now, you can add it to your Pocket and Quantum will notify you later to check what you saved.

If you now rely on a traditional Firefox extension, you may want to hold off on updating until it's been converted to a modern WebExtension.

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Faster Firefox Quantum browser is now available