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Android Oreo runs on 0.3 percent of devices: Google

15 November 2017

As you can see, Android 7 Nougat was the big victor in the November distribution chart with a gain of 2.8% over its October results.

A Hate Crime Law Would Improve Safety
Data were collected from more than 15,000 law enforcement agencies, covering 289 million Americans in 2016. Muslims were targeted in 307 religion-based crimes, up 19 percent from 2015 and double the number in 2014.

Google's Project Treble promises to help speed up vendor releases of new Android versions, but only devices like the new Pixel 2 that ship with Android Oreo can take advantage of it. However, this time, Google has been a bit late in sharing these details.

'Sofa Sunday' joins ranks of Black Friday, Cyber Monday
Online shopping deal experts from Black Friday Dealer have identified the top gaming laptop deals of Black Friday 2017. The Amazon devices sale is the most complete and we assign all deals a spot on the top 10 Black Friday deals chart.

Android smartphone maker Essential promised that it would be releasing an update to Android 8.0 Oreo for its devices soon, and now there's a beta version of the update available through its developer portal. Last year's Android Nougat (7.0 and 7.1) combine for 20.6% devices.

United States regulators approve first digital pill to track patients
Web-based dashboards are provided to healthcare providers and caregivers to view a summary of the information. The sensor "activates when it reaches stomach fluids and communicates with the patch", said the company.

Luu attributes the malaise to a combination of three possible factors; Android growth is slowing down, Android device turnover is slowing down and that fewer devices are receiving updates. This is perhaps one of the reasons for the regular malware attacks on Android phones, since the older operating systems are not as robust in terms of security, data encryption and handling malware. Judging from the graph he created, Luu believes there are now over 1 billion active Android devices that are at least two years out of date. The interesting part is that this 0.3 percent gives us a perspective about how lax the rollout for latest updates for Android-powered smartphones is across the market. Also, this means that low internal storage devices - midrange and budget phones - will still have to run Android Oreo to take advantage of this upcoming feature. While there is some hope that Google has started on the long road to recover with Android 8.0, it will be years before Google comes close to catching Apple, providing it ever does.

Android Oreo runs on 0.3 percent of devices: Google