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Same-Sex bill could override anti-discrimination laws

14 November 2017

In the case of a no result, the issue of same-sex marriage will be ruled out of parliament for the remainder of the Coalition's term, as well as the next, should they remain in government.

However, this vote is nonbinding, which means it is up to the country's Parliament to pass legislation.

But same-sex marriage opponents within his government have proposed an alternative bill that would extend that exemption from churches to businesses and individuals with a "religious or conscientious belief".

It also seeks to protect freedom of speech and enacts a narrow anti-detriment clause, which would prevent governments and agencies taking adverse action against someone with a traditional view of marriage.

"The Dean Smith Bill covers who could marry, and could refuse to marry".

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It also allows religious organisations to refuse to make goods and services for the goal of a marriage. It permits ministers of religion and religious marriage celebrants to refuse to solemnise a marriage and it allows bodies established for religious purposes to refuse to provide goods or services for the purposes of the solemnisation of a marriage, ' Ms McLeod said.

"But I suspect it will need improvement in terms of strengthening religious protections", he told ABC radio. "That's the reason we have the parliamentary debate".

Senator Smith said he respected the right of "every parliamentarian" to bring legislation and amendments to Parliament, but believed his Bill was the best way forward.

On the eve of the same-sex marriage survey result, Mr Turnbull said MPs and Senators would be free to move amendments to any bill to change the Marriage Act, but those contained in Senator Paterson's plan but would have "virtually no prospect of getting through the Parliament".

"I've never believed that allowing same-sex couples to marry needs to come at the expense of the freedoms of other Australians".

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The survey result will announced on Wednesday.

SYDNEY == The head of Australia's marriage equality push has slammed calls for anti-discrimination exemptions to be legalised under the guise of "religious freedoms" in the event of a yes vote in the postal survey, claiming such moves would be against the spirit of the support for the reform.

This gives the Smith bill an immediate advantage over its legislative rival, a bill penned by Liberal senator James Paterson. In his opinion piece Senator Paterson said printing companies, broadcasters and venues would be able to turn down business from either side of the debate.

"What you have is a young fogie being led astray by some old fogies". "From what we've seen so far this is just another attempt to delay passing marriage equality", he said.

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Same-Sex bill could override anti-discrimination laws