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Google Doodle pays tribute to hole puncher on 131st anniversary

14 November 2017

To celebrate the humble invention, Google, more specifically Gerben Steenks, has come up with an animated Doodle depicting a piece of paper that spring alive and starts to dance when the hole puncher does what it does best.

What is a hole puncher?

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Patented by Friedrich Soennecken on November 14 1886, the hole puncher has gone down in history as one of the all time great feats of German ingenuity. The blue sheet then proceeds to do a little jig. Soennecken was the son of a blacksmith, and invented the hole puncher, along with a binder and a special nib for ink pens that was suitable for calligraphy. These are a reference to the small circular bits of paper that are leftover after we punch holes in the sheets of papers.

The German went on to establish the Soennecken office supply company and was later awarded an honorary title from the University of Bonn.

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Basically, a hole puncher is used to create holes in papers to assemble and file them together.

The hole puncher has been described as an understated but essential artifact of German engineering, which has remained unchanged over the years, according to the Google Blog Post. However, the first recorded patents for a paper hole puncher was published by an American man named Benjamin Smith in 1885. The fruits of that labor make up most of the doodle, providing a happier use to the unwieldy mess usually left over from the task. The more drawn out the lever, the more sheets of paper can be punched through with the same negligible power. ISO 838 is the commonly used punching machine, apart from that single-hole punchers are used for various purposes like validating tickets or marking used playing cards.

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The hole puncher employs a lever and spring system to allow the user to line up and punch holes with cylindrical blades through stacked sheets of paper easily.

Google Doodle pays tribute to hole puncher on 131st anniversary