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Apple 'preparing to release new iPad' with key features of iPhone X

13 November 2017

The security firm has not stopped with just defeating the facial recognition system of the iPhone X that is claimed to be a secure one.

But for police forces executing a particularly valuable search warrant, for example, it could be possible to secretly scan a suspect's face, make a mask, and then catch him unawares.

The Bkav security experts who also posted a video on how they did this, said that Face ID can be fooled by mask, which means it is not an effective security measure. The mark is crafted by merging 3D printing with makeup and 2D images.

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While this proof of concept shows that something like this can work, it clear that this isn't a security risk for the average user.

Soon after the launch of the iPhone X with Face ID, there were many speculations suggesting that Apple will implement the same technology in the upcoming iPhones slated to be launched next year.

As Engadget reported, this is somewhat similar to when European hacker association Chaos Computer Club used a labour-intensive process requiring 2400 DPI photographs of a user's finger and a latex print to fool fingerprint recognition in 2013.

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No security is foolproof, but bypassing Face ID in secrecy via this method generally seems to require a high degree of technical knowledge, time, and effort, not to mention direct access to the iPhone X in question.

According to the firm, the recognition mechanism is not as strict as one thinks and Apple seems to rely too much on Face ID's AI.

The company looks to be pushing their Face ID technology to more devices, starting with the 2018 iPad or iPad Pro, according to insiders familiar with the matter, via Bloomberg. Other slightly more esoteric known vulnerabilities include having the phone unlocked by an identical or near-identical twin.

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The actual cost of making the mask to fool the AI of Face ID is $150. "It was even simpler than we ourselves had thought", Bkav said.

Apple 'preparing to release new iPad' with key features of iPhone X