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IBM Says It's Reached Milestone In Quantum Computing

11 November 2017

VW Group Information Technologies (IT) personnel in San Francisco and Munich will develop the algorithms, simulations, and optimizations in concert with experts from Google and feed that information into Google's quantum computers.

In the case of the 50-qubit system, the quantum state was only maintained for 90 microseconds. The 20-qubit processor will power IBM Q when it becomes available by the end of 2017, while the more powerful 50-qubit chip is expected to be integrated with the quantum platform sometime next year.

Quantum computing is a hard area of technology to understand.

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IBM said it will show off its new quantum processors at the IEEE Industry Summit on the Future Of Computing today.

While traditional computing utilizes ones and zeros, quantum computing uses qubits that interact with each other in different states called entanglement and superposition. This breakthrough puts IBM on the cutting edge of quantum computing research, as a 50-qubit machine is so far the largest and most powerful quantum computer ever built. This creates all kinds of new programming possibilities and requires new software and systems to build programs that can work with this way of computing. "Those qubits might be noisy, and there could be issues with how well connected they are", he says. It's the next step after supercomputers and the machines can solve highly complex problems at speeds unachievable by more common supercomputers. To give you a sense of how this coherence has been progressing, it was just a few nanoseconds when researchers started looking at this in the late 90s. However, the 50-qubit version moves beyond that. While that doesn't sound like much, it's actually a huge leap forward. Before that announcement, in March, IBM and Google revealed plans to commercialize quantum computing technologies, with the former evidently making greater strides in achieving that.

The ultimate goal of quantum computing is a fault tolerant universal system that automatically fixes errors and has unlimited coherence.

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Volkswagen has partnered with technology giant Google to explore ways in which quantum computing could be used in the automotive industry. VW IT labs will work in concert with Google to develop algorithms, simulations, and optimizations on quantum computers to simulate and optimize the structure of high-performance batteries.

Collaboration of the two companies will focus on the research of practical applications of quantum computing. IBM has also added new tools that let users study the state of the quantum system and integrate QISKit with the IBM Data Science Experience, which is a compiler tool that maps desired experiments onto the available hardware.

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IBM Says It's Reached Milestone In Quantum Computing