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MI mom who ignored deal to vaccinate son loses primary custody

13 October 2017

The Michigan mother who was sentenced to seven days in jail for not vaccinating her son has now lost primary custody of him.

"I was trying to protect my kids", Rebecca Bredow told ABC News Friday in her first interview since her release from jail. In previous court pleadings, she said that Bredow had consented to getting the shots, meaning her refusal to do so constituted contempt.

"It's been a rough few days to say the least", she added.

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A United States mum jailed for defying a court order to vaccinate her young son says she's outraged he's been given several immunisations while she's been locked away.

"It was the worst five days of my life, except for the fact that I just found out that he was vaccinated and I'm not going to get him back today", Bredow said.

The judge took away Bredow's primary custody of the child and said she would have to share guardianship with her ex-husband, James Horne, the AP reported. While she was in jail, Horne was granted temporary custody of their son, and the boy received four immunizations Monday.

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Parents in MI are legally allowed to skip or delay their children's vaccinations due to personal beliefs, according to the BBC. "Your attorney signed that order", she added at the time of sentencing. She said she will do that. She told the Press that being in jail was "horrific" but "I still stand by my choices because I stand up for what I believe in".

After Bredow said that she and her ex-husband agreed until recently on not vaccinating their child, the judge said that Bredow acknowledged in her own pleadings that he was up-to-date on his vaccinations when he was a year old.

Do you think all states should require vaccinations with only medical vaccinations?

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MI mom who ignored deal to vaccinate son loses primary custody