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Hannity to interview Trump in Harrisburg tonight; here's how to watch

13 October 2017

And yet, we picked up $5.2 trillion just in the stock market.

"The country - we took it over and owed over $20 trillion", he said in an interview on Fox News' "Hannity" on Wednesday night.

"So, you could say in one sense we are really increasing values, and maybe in a sense we are reducing debt", Trump added, before Hannity quickly moved on to another topic.

Bhandup By-election Results: BJP's Jagruti Patil Wins By
The by-election in ward number 116 was necessitated by the death of sitting Congress corporator Pramila Patil on 25 April. Enthused by the outcome, BJP leaders said they would soon have more corporators in the BMC house than the Shiv Sena .

Huh? To say this is a head-scratcher is an understatement.

While it's true that US stock market indexes have risen markedly during Trump's time in office, the current gains are part of a bull market that began in the spring of 2009, when the country began to recover from the Great Recession and the collapse of the housing market. Shareholders and investors reap the rewards.

In fact, the national debt has actually continued to increase under Trump, and hit $20 trillion for the first time in September. No commensurate spending cuts have been proposed. But from his point of view, the just a few good quarters away from accomplishing that goal ahead of schedule.

Who is Melania Trump?
First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump , has chosen to wear a dress designed by a former first lady at a recent event. Unless she receives the formal apology she expects, Ivana will make sure Melania is "blacklisted" in NY society.

It was unclear in what sense Trump believes the stock market's gains may help reduce the national debt, as the two are not connected.

If the party wants to fall off the abyss and be unable to tell future generations of Americans that they did the right thing when it mattered, then they'll put on a blindfold and step off a cliff with Sean Hannity.

"They sat in a room and they said, 'Wow, we look bad.' The morning after - in fact it's been written about in various books or a book - but they said, 'Why did you lose the election?' 'Ah, it was Russian Federation!" But under the Obama Administration that same index rose 235%.

Samsung Has Made a Darth Vader Vacuum For Cleaning Rebel Scum
Takara Tomy's one-of-a-kind take on Darth Vader is called the Star Wars Powered by Transformers 01 TIE Advanced x1. The Darth Vader model of this robot vacuum cleaner has Wi-Fi connectivity as well as its own remote control.

As Business Insider's Josh Barro theorized, it's possible that Trump was thinking about the national debt and the stock market in the same terms as one of his real-estate holdings-stocks are up in anticipation of future growth, which improves the government's hypothetical ability to service its debt.

Hannity to interview Trump in Harrisburg tonight; here's how to watch