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'Legends of Tomorrow' May Be Losing a Lead Cast Member

12 October 2017

Victor Garber is ending his run on DC's Legends of Tomorrow this season.

Deadline breaks the story, which is based on insider chatter rather than an official named source. He has since appeared as part of the main cast of Legends of Tomorrow, using his Firestorm powers alongside Jax Jackson played by Franz Drameh.

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Garber has been a regular on the Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim drama since season one, first recurring on The Flash as Martin Stein/Firestorm before teaming with other Arrow-verse stars including Brandon Routh for the super-spinoff.

Rumors of Garber's possible exit grew more frenzied in summer. According to the report, Garber is leaving to return to Broadway and headline the Tony award-winning Hello, Dolly!

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Following their meet-and-greet with Julius Caesar (Simon Merrells) last night, the Legends will be going to the circus in "Freakshow", traveling back in time to 1870 to take care of another anachronism at P.T. Barnum's (Billy Zane) circus. The two will be taking over for current leads Bette Middler and David Hyde Pierce.

With Broadway in sight for January and production of Legends in Vancouver, doing both became impossible. It's hard to imagine him simultaneously working on a primetime network show, which has its own demanding schedule.

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However, if Garber does exit the series, it could be a temporary departure. Legends of Tomorrow returned with its season three premiere on Tuesday, and while Garber is listed as a series regular, there's no word how long he'll actually be on the show this season.

'Legends of Tomorrow' May Be Losing a Lead Cast Member