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Iconic Counter-Strike Map Dust2 Gets Revamped

12 October 2017

As noted on the Counter-Strike website, the main goals for the Dust II rework center around improving player readibility throughout the map, refining movement and cover, and upgrading the visuals to be more in line with CS:GO's more recent map releases.

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Valve has today announced a availability of a newly updated release of its iconic Counter-Strike Dust 2 map which has now been enhanced and is now available to play via the CS:GO beta release. Design layout changes have now eliminated dark spots on the map that once concealed hiding enemies. Bomb site A is changed to remove drain pipes so players can peek around corners more easily.

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The new update aimed to retain the same tactical map that was so loved by the community but gives it a much-needed facelift. When Dust II is returned to the competitive pool, another map will be pulled out of play so it can be fixed up. Along with this, certain physics based objects have been replaced with new static-interacting objects to avoid wonky physics with the game's engine.

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The visual upgrades are also extending to the game's character models, with the Terrorist team getting some higher-resolution models to match the environment. (Learn about opting into CS:GO beta here.) Below you'll find a few highlights of what has changed.

Iconic Counter-Strike Map Dust2 Gets Revamped