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Facebook Announces Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset Arriving In 2018 For $199

12 October 2017

Standalone VR headsets are free of PC rigs and phones, allowing users to explore their environment free of tethers.

Oculus has now announced its first standalone VR headset at its Connect 4 conference in San Jose.

At the Oculus connecting event, the first fully-fledged VR headset gets a permanent price cut of $100, over the original $499 price tag. Also, Unlike Rift, the Oculus Go won't have full space tracking features due to its untethered nature. At its annual developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg hit the stage to unveil the Oculus Go.

Virtual reality simply hasn't caught on like many companies and pundits thought it would, amid high costs and a steep learning curve - not to mention giant goggles that look amusing and make some people sick. As well, Oculus and Facebook announced their new stand-alone VR headset at an impressive $199.

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Facebook Inc shares fell $0.04 (-0.02%) in premarket trading Thursday.

Last July, Bloomberg had reported that Facebook was working on an affordable wireless VR headset that "everyone" can afford. But why? Altspace VR, a firm that raised $10 million and once ran one of the more popular social VR experiences, originally shut down in August citing the "general slowness of VR market growth".

The Oculus Go is equipped with a "fast-switch" WQHD 2,560 x 1,440 LCD display, which is supposed to deliver "a dramatic effect" on visual clarity and will reduce screen door effect (visible lines between pixels).

There is a lot you can do and enjoy with Oculus Go.

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Dash is built in React VR-our go-to framework for UI-so in the future we'll explore how developers can plug in to add more features and functionality.

Apart from its new VR headset, Oculus also showcased a new development into its Project Santa Cruz VR headset that was first showed off past year. Development kits will be sent out in November, but Oculus Go is said to release in early 2018. Oculus Go is the name of the headset, and will cost just $199 per purchase.

Oculus also revealed information about another next-generation standalone VR hardware product, with the codename "Santa Cruz".

Mr. Zuckerberg, though, remains convinced that VR will evolve into a technology that reshapes the way people interact and experience life, much like Facebook's social networks and smartphones already have.

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"The Oculus Go has potential to be a huge driver of growth", if people like the titles and apps on it, Stephanie Llamas, vice president of research at Super Data, said in an email. CEO Tim Cook feels augmented reality and not VR is the future.

Facebook Announces Oculus Go Standalone VR Headset Arriving In 2018 For $199