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Breaking Bad House Puts Up Six-Foot Iron Fence To Keep Fans Out

12 October 2017

The property in New Mexico became an unsuspecting cult hotspot because of this scene from season 3 when Walter White loses it after a fight with his wife and chucks a giant pepperoni pizza on the roof. In fact, a family who just wishes that the massive Breaking Bad fandom would leave them alone inhabits it.

She said: "We feel like we can't leave because when we do something happens".

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And even more annoying than the sometimes hundreds of weekly visitors, the real-life owners of Breaking Bad house said, is how many times a tourists has thought it would be amusing to toss a pizza on the roof and echo the infamous Walter White scene.

This decision did not come easy: "We don't want to gate ourselves in", Quintana told KOB4.

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She said her home is bombarded on a weekly basis with countless tourists - up to "hundreds" on one weekend - seeking photographs and stealing rocks for souvenirs. "They park in front of our driveway and block us in", one said.

A family that lives in a house once used as a set in the AMC crime drama "Breaking Bad" was forced to install an iron fence around their property to keep out hardcore fans of the series, according to reports. But the really determined Breaking Bad aficionados have found a way around it - literally - to continue snapping photos of the beleaguered abode.

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"There is nothing amusing or original or cool about throwing pizza on this lady's roof", he said. In the space of fifteen minutes, the news station counted at least ten tourists vying for pictures of the property.

Breaking Bad House Puts Up Six-Foot Iron Fence To Keep Fans Out