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Four new Xbox One S bundles announced

11 October 2017

You will only see the main benefit of the Xbox One X on a suitable 4K television, but owners of 1080p TVs are promised that numerous finer details will apply.

Earth to witness asteroid swingby over the southern sky on Thursday
A small asteroid is scheduled to pass by Earth safely at a distance of around 50,000 km above our globe's surface on Thursday. This asteroid was discovered by the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS) in Hawaii in 2012.

Microsoft will not be offering free Kinect adapters for those who purchase an Xbox One X as it initially did for those who upgraded to an Xbox One S previous year. This bundle is available at local retailers in select markets for $279 United States dollars / £229 GBP / €279 Euro. Then we have the Xbox One Rocket League bundle, which offers all of the exact same content aside from the packed game. There's the Xbox One S Minecraft Complete Adventure Bundle, Rocket League Blast-Off Bundle, Starter Bundle and Ultimate Halo Bundle to choose from, all of which come with a matching controller, Xbox Live Gold of some sort and an Xbox Games Pass subscription or trial. It will be available to purchase at local retailers in select markets for £229 GBP / €279 Euro. The Ultimate Halo Bundle, which is only available online and at Walmart in the USA, is an odd addition because it looks to be a repackaged version of the Halo Collection Bundle. Considering Amazon's Xbox One X bundle which includes this one game costs a much higher £489.98, Currys PC World deal is well worth considering.

Trump threatens to cancel NBC's broadcast license over critical reporting
Still, the tweet could raise fears of higher government scrutiny on NBC's parent company Comcast . This isn't the first time the president has blasted NBC News' reporting.

If interested, you can now check your local retailer or Microsoft Store, but remember, some of these bundles are region specific. If you're in the market for a new console, Xbox is making sure to provide a variety of choices.

Nissan GT-R Remotely Driven With PS Controller Hits 130 miles per hour
Nissan has come up with something very appreciable innovation to celebrate releasing of the Gran Turismo Sport on 18th October. Six computers the boot update the controls up to 100 times a second; the steering position is measured to one part in 65 000.

This upcoming holiday already looks like it is offering some fantastic deals for gamers and it's only October.

Four new Xbox One S bundles announced