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Earth to witness asteroid swingby over the southern sky on Thursday

11 October 2017

A massive #asteroid will pass near #Earth on #Thursday, according to The Guardian.

On Thursday, a roughly 20-meter wide asteroid dubbed 2012 TC4 will zoom past Earth in a close encounter estimated to be about 44,000 kilometres above Earth- just above the 36,000km plane at which hundreds of geosynchronous satellites orbit the Earth.

The upcoming asteroid will fly over the Pacific Ocean at 1:42 AM ET.

Currently, 2012 TC4 is travelling at a speed of almost 50,000 kph, although, initially when it was recovered by the astronomers from within the deep space, its speed was exceedingly dim. The close approach will allow researchers to learn the composition of the asteroid.

US Navy destroyer sails near disputed islands in South China Sea
The latest sailing comes as the Trump administration is pressing China to help Washington deal with North Korea's weapons program. Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying denounced the mission as unsafe and a violation of China's sovereignty.

A small asteroid is scheduled to pass by Earth safely at a distance of around 50,000 km above our globe's surface on Thursday.

This may sound like a long way away, yet it's a short distance in planetary terms and around one eighth of the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

"It's very important these things are done, it's a big sky, things could come from any direction and there could be an asteroid with our name on in it", added Glenn.

Kelly also said that NASA has been observing 2012 TC4 for two months, so the agency has accurate and precise information about its orbit, and it would not cross Earth and its satellites. This asteroid was discovered by the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS) in Hawaii in 2012.

Honeypreet's police remand extended by three days
The court also remanded another woman suspect in the case, Sukhdeep Kaur, in police custody for three days. Sources added, "Honeypreet confirmed to the SIT that she made the blueprints of Panchkula violence".

An asteroid the size of a house is on course to shave the Earth's orbit this week, but experts said the near-miss poses no risk for the planet.

It is expected to swing around again in 2050 and 2079 as it continually loops the Sun.

It's a long shot that any large asteroid will hit Earth, Paul Chodas, the project manager for Near Earth Object Studies in Pasadena, California, told The Christian Science Monitor.

Matt Damon ruins Jimmy Kimmel's interview with Chris Hemsworth
Thor: Ragnarok opens November 2. "We had to wrangle Taika during filming, he's a complete insane human", Hemsworth stated. Approximately 2500 people were on the stream, listening, commenting, and wondering when the streaming would end.

Earth to witness asteroid swingby over the southern sky on Thursday