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World's oldest person is dead

17 September 2017

He had inherited scepter belonged to Emma Morano, piedmont died at 117 years and 137 days, and was born on 29th of November 1899.Violet, who has always lived in same house, was a farmer of sugar cane and a large lover of fruit.

Mosse-Brown was born in March, 1900 and was the last living subject of Queen Victoria.

The Gerontology Research Group in Los Angeles - which records the ages of the world's oldest people - claims that there are now just 46 supercentenarians - people who have lived past 110 - in the world. She lived to be 122 years and 164 days.

Car, bike owners can afford petrol, says Union minister
Speaking to the media, he stated that government is going to tax people who can afford to pay as it (development) is going to cost an enormous amount of money.

Jamaica's Prime Minister Andrew Holness shared a photo with Mosse-Brown, as he announced her death Friday and offered condolences.

One group claimed that she was not getting the best care and allegedly took her away from her home.

Violet Moss (also spelled Mosse) Brown, affectionately known as Aunt V, has died at at 117 years old in Jamaica, after being named the world's oldest person in April. She resided with her grandchildren and other family members. There was also concern that Brown would miss an appointment scheduled with Guinness Book of World Records officials.

Apple comes up with freaky excuse for faulty iPhone X
With Apple's iPhone handsets, the specifications on paper don't reveal the whole picture. The second is that the Face ID system does not appear in the iPhone 8 whatsoever.

In an exclusive interview with Loop News previous year, Brown reflected on life growing up in post-emancipation Jamaica, as the country remained under British rule and the island's black majority remained oppressed. "It was very hard but likkle by likkle we have come up to be a good place", Brown said.

Barry Russell, who is based in Miami, Florida said, "She died at the Fairfield Medical Centre, in Montego Bay, at approximately 2:30 pm". She particularly enjoyed sitting on her veranda and watching pedestrians and cars pass by.

100000 people still without power in Georgia
Since customers includes homes and businesses, these numbers do not reflect the full amount of individuals who lost electricity. In Tallahassee where the effects of Irma, now a tropical storm, are still being felt, some 29,000 customers remain in the dark.

World's oldest person is dead