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Who Are The Juggalos And Why Are They Marching In Washington, DC?

17 September 2017

The style was outrageous, but the objective was serious: Juggalos, as the band's hardcore fans are known, said the gang label is unfair and has cost them jobs, gotten them suspended from school, barred from the military and entered into gang databases. It has attracted a fan base made up largely of poor, white people who've built an identity around the music produced by the rap duo and their trademark clown makeup. Founded in Detroit in 1989 by duo Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, Insane Clown Posse performs a brand of hip hop known as "horrorcore" which is influenced by supernatural themes and violent horror movie imagery. The Juggalos are fans of the rap-metal group Insane Clown Posse, and in 2011 the Federal Bureau of Investigation included them in a report on gang activity.

Juggalos say a few bad members of a family thousands of members strong shouldn't tarnish all of them. Juggalos, in tandem with the American Civil Liberties Union, sued the government in 2014, claiming Juggalos' "constitutional rights to expression and association were violated" by the FBI's classification.

Assembling near the Lincoln Memorial, the "Juggalos", as they are known, spoke of the difficulties they have faced since the law enforcement agency's decision: Losing jobs, custody of their children, and excessive police attention.

One of the plaintiffs, Scott Gandy, said he had to cover up an ICP tattoo in order to apply to join the military.

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Some took to Twitter to laugh about the coincidence of scheduling in D.C., where a pro-Trump "Mother Of All Rallies" protest was held at the same time as the Juggalos' march; both were set to begin Saturday morning.

I am in full support of @icp and the #juggalomarch The FBI should remove the gang tag immediately. Then all of a sudden they technically made it illegal to be a Juggalo.

"If they can get away with this, if they can do this, what's next?"

"(Like) other musical fan bases, the vast majority of Juggalos have nothing to do with criminal activity", the most recent legal brief said, "let alone organized crime". Roughly 3,000 people will attend the event, the National Park Service estimated.

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The Juggalos won't be the only group marching Saturday on Washington. "MOAR will send a message to the world that the voices of mainstream Americans must be heard".

The move followed a string of crimes from arson to homicide that were committed by people who were identified as Juggalos over the previous five or six years.

The Metropolitan Police Department closed several roads around the Mall because of Saturday's events, which included supporters of President Donald Trump also taking to the National Mall for what they dubbed the "Mother of All Rallies".

"No Confederate flags, communist flags, or foreign flags allowed. Literally", said a statement on the "Juggalo March" website. "We condemn racists of all colors and supremacy of all colors". We must collectively show them that we truly are a family that is united by a shared love of music and fellowship.

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Who Are The Juggalos And Why Are They Marching In Washington, DC?