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White House denies reports that US changing stance on Paris climate pact

17 September 2017

According to the Wall Street Journal, the answer might be yes.

The White House on Saturday denied that there is any change to the Trump administration's position on the Paris climate agreement, after the Wall Street Journal, citing a European Union official, reported the US will not back out of the deal.

The White House immediately disavowed on Saturday a Wall Street Journal report suggesting the Trump administration is reversing its stated intention of abandoning the Paris climate accord.

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The Trump administration may not remove the United States from the Paris Agreement, a historic and vital 195 nation accord to reduce risky greenhouse gases.

The Journal quoted European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias Cañete as saying top Trump officials stated that the US will not renegotiate the Paris accord, and will review the terms of how the USA can engage in the existing agreement.

While the Trump administration officially announced in August that it plans to pull out of the agreement, there are representatives from the U.S.at the meeting in Montreal this weekend.

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What's more, New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush said a White House spokesperson had denied the meeting account, "saying the position hasn't changed". However, after a meeting compiled of 30 world leaders from China as well as USA allies from the European Union and Canada, he may scrap that idea completely.

Withdrawing was one of Trump's key promises during his presidential campaign.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the president's view is that the U.S.is withdrawing unless "we get pro-America terms".

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White House denies reports that US changing stance on Paris climate pact