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North Korea Is Pushing Its Limits With The Trump Administration

17 September 2017

"We can never tolerate that North Korea trampled on the worldwide community's strong, united resolve towards peace that has been shown in UN resolutions and went ahead again with this outrageous act", he said on Friday.

The UN Security Council today strongly condemned "highly provocative" launch of a ballistic missile by North Korea and demanded that the reclusive nation immediately halt such "outrageous" actions.

Will the president take to Twitter to savage the United Nations if he feels insufficient progress is being made, breaking with the carefully crafted talking points created by advisers and diplomats?

"We are discussing for a while that we are really in a vicious circle: We have a provocation, a resolution and then another provocation", Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told reporters. Though they aren't their top choices for the region, Haley and McMaster said, they are available to the President.

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Earlier this week, the UN Security Council agreed to tighten sanctions on North Korea, banning its textile exports and capping fuel supplies.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called for new sanctions "to be firmly imposed" in response to the latest North Korean missile test that violated Japanese airspace.

Nebenzia urged North Korea to "stop it" and said the only political proposal to resolve the standoff was the joint Russian-Chinese "freeze for freeze".

The United States has not ruled out military options against North Korea, President Donald Trump's national security adviser said Friday, after Pyongyang launched another missile over Japan. He called on China and Russian Federation in particular to use their ultimate leverage over North Korea. North Korea also has the world's largest standing army.

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The U.N. Security Council is set to hold an emergency meeting later Friday to discuss their response to the latest launch, which came only three days after the council unanimously approved new sanctions on Pyongyang for its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on September 3.

On Thursday, North Korea launched a missile over Japan for the second time in less than a month. Equally, as the North moves closer to placing a miniaturised nuclear warhead on a missile capable of hitting a United States city with pinpoint accuracy, how great is the risk that the U.S. might feel compelled to preemptively attack the North to prevent Kim from threatening the USA with a nuclear attack? "China and Russian Federation must indicate their intolerance for these reckless missile launches by taking direct actions of their own", Tillerson demanded.

While U.S. officials say they prefer a diplomatic solution to this nuclear standoff, military force is also an option. Dictator Kim Jong-un has repeatedly threatened to attack both Guam and Japan with missiles, possibly using nuclear warheads.

The United Nations reacted strongly after North Korea tested a weaponanalysts say has the explosive power of 250 kilotons of TNT, passing the new sanctions on September 11.

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North Korea Is Pushing Its Limits With The Trump Administration