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Here's How Daenerys & Jon Snow Are Probably Related On 'Game Of Thrones'

13 August 2017

Or maybe it's because we have so many plot threads that need resolution that we're galloping faster and faster towards the end with each episode.

Now, the latest trailer for episode five has been released - and it looks like things are set to get even more serious.

The fourth episode The Spoils of War was also one of the most-watched episodes in the history of the series and with the Mother of Dragons' victory against the Lannisters army, it was definitely worth the wait. After Game Of Thrones Season 7 episode 4 is over with Drogon the dragon attacked Jamie Lannister. Can they survive? Could Daenerys' dragon Drogon recognise Jon Snow as a Targaryen?

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Daenerys Targaryen might have laid waste to the Lannister forces last week, but with fire and blood comes lots of doom and gloom. The Mad King might have been his father, might have been him - and that would make Daenerys and Jon brother and sister.

Jon Snow typically only has two expressions in these preview photos: Angry/confused and worried/confused. Their reaction will decide if they really find out if Jon and Daenerys are related. We already know that next week during the episode "Eastwatch" we're going to check back in on the White Walkers and Jon will, once again, try and convince Dany to help him, despite his reluctance to bend the knee. The user posits that every time Cersei makes a big play, it costs her big in the long run (see: using the Mountain to beat Oberyn resulted in losing Myrcella, blowing up the sept resulted in Tommen killing himself). IT is possible that he was castle black as the night watcher. Then, outside King's Landing, Jaime and Bronn encounter Daenerys for the first time, when she and her Dothraki soldiers decimate their forces.

If we hadn't seen the preview, we'd have assumed that the upcoming episode would prove to be quite boring.

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A almost 14-minute behind-the-scenes video looks at the making of the latest battle-which Game of Thrones is calling "The Loot Train Attack"-from both a storytelling and technical standpoint". Seeing everyone in one episode is like a mega combo pack.

Jon Snow seems the most reliable character to get behind: he knows who the real enemy is - he protects the Starks - and he could be a guiding force for good with Dany.

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Here's How Daenerys & Jon Snow Are Probably Related On 'Game Of Thrones'