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How to View the Solar Eclipse From Hawai'i This Summer

12 August 2017

News 2 is partnering with Shades of Charleston in giving away thousands of ISO certified glasses before the total solar eclipse August 21.

The sky will go dark.

I am not sure on this, but in Louisville we may be able to see a much darker sky to the southwest when the total eclipse is occurring over Kentucky. It can be humbling.

The Great American Solar Eclipse!

"The difference between a partial and a total (eclipse) is literally night and day", he said. "But that part is so dominant that people don't always appreciate the nuances of the science you can actually do".

The hope is new research could lead to scientific advancements that will keep solar disruptions from reaching the earth and interfering with our satellite and radio communications. Just remember if you order online, they may not arrive in time if you procrastinate. It's where the solar wind originates (SN: 12/16/08), where loopy magnetic structures are anchored (SN: 2/12/00, p. 101) and where coronal mass ejections and space weather (SN: 7/31/04, p. 74) that can knock out power grids on Earth get their start.

The only time it's ever safe to look at the sun is during a total eclipse, when the sun is completely behind the moon. But it's hard to hold a telescope steady. During totality, it is safe to view a solar eclipse.

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The solar eclipse is quite literally back in black, having not been seen in America since 1979.

People in the path of the total eclipse can expect twilight-like darkness.

There's also the issue of diffraction, or the way light bends and spreads when it passes across an edge.

But it turns out, it can be bad for your cell phones and cameras, too.

Unfortunately, because the human eye still sees the world as, "sunny", even if the majority of the sun is blocked by the moon, we'll miss the show if it's overcast in Houston, or in any location across the majority of the country.

There are many kinds of solar eclipses. Some of the major cities located along the path of totality include: Salem, Oregon; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Casper, Wyoming; Carbondale, Illinois; Nashville, Tennessee and Columbia and Charleston in SC.

That's why eclipses are so scientifically special in general. But most of those eclipses go nearly entirely unseen. The closer you are to the path of totality, the more the Sun will be covered by the Moon, and the easier it will be to notice the dimming light.

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The total eclipse is going to take about 2 to 3 hours- the different phases of the eclipse itself. That means more chances for land-based observers to have clear skies.

So how can you watch the eclipse then?

On March 7, 1970, the path of totality ran up the east coast of the United States.

"Unfortunately there's not a lot of visual things you can't just look at it and says it meets the standard so that's why it's important to go through a reputable company", Merlo explains.

There are five companies, I believe, that are approved to produce these, and they've been producing them for a long time, because the eclipse has been coming for awhile.

Other theories abound that fog, dew or precipitation resulting during an eclipse was risky or that eclipses could damage developing babies in pregnant mothers.

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How to View the Solar Eclipse From Hawai'i This Summer