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PlayStation YouTube Channel Rips Xbox's Anthem Trailer

03 July 2017

In the midst of all the different kinds of exclusives they were pushing during their time on-stage, Microsoft also held a worldwide gameplay premiere for BioWare's Anthem running on the Xbox One X. Weeks later, the PlayStation YouTube channel has uploaded what looks like the same video with some botched editing. The same footage is now available on PlayStation's official channel though there's a problem. If you observe just a few frames from this point, the transition will slightly show the Xbox One button prompts underneath before fading to the DualShock prompts. Sony seems to have modified the Anthem Xbox One X footage with PS4 buttons and that's quite misleading.

The Amazon Prime Day deals members start today
Although Amazon is the star on Prime Day, competitors like Walmart, eBay, and Best Buy are likely to have strong sales themselves. Usually priced at $14.95 per month, Prime members can enjoy the largest audiobook catalog for $8.95 per month for six months.

While both the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X will reportedly be using checkerboarding techniques to run the game at 4K resolution, it is important to note that the title of the video describes it as footage from the PlayStation 4, which may not be the same experience as on the newer consoles at all. The above image captured by EvB highlights this better. This appears to be a mistake on the part of Electronic Arts rather than Sony.

Find Emojis, Apply Text Fonts In New WhatsApp For Android Version
The other new feature on WhatsApp is the option of searching for emojis by just typing in the keyword. The search icon will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen when you click on the emoji icon.

What are your thoughts on this tomfoolery?

Trump to talk Syria, Ukraine during meeting with Putin
It is clear that with Russian Federation assisting Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, he "is not going anywhere", Adm. China is also Russia's largest trading partner; trade between the two has grown a third since January .

PlayStation YouTube Channel Rips Xbox's Anthem Trailer