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New Camilla Parker Bowles Biography Exposes Diana's Paranoia Over Prince Charles' Affair

28 June 2017

"She had been very fond of Camilla in all the years she had been married to Andrew Parker Bowles - but it was Camilla who had been responsible, wittingly or not, for all the disasters that had befallen Charles since his marriage". Friends of the Duchess of Cornwall argue that Diana was "sick" for much of the 90s and that she had become completely paranoid.

"Author Penny Junor writes that Diana would call and say, "'I've sent someone to kill you. They broke it off when Charles married Diana in 1981, but five years later, friends of Charles encouraged the duchess to call him.

The following year Diana admitted to BBC reporter Martin Bashir that she had also embarked on adulterous affair with her riding instructor, James Hewitt.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana's divorce was announced in 1996.

Charles was born a British prince.

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Diana said in tapes to Mr Morton: "Anyway, someone in his office told me that my husband had had a bracelet made for her, which she wears to this day". While earlier reports claim that Charles' comments about Diana's weight contributed to her bulimia, the biography claims that stress, fame, and a change in lifestyle may have taken a toll on Diana.

Ms Junor wrote of the abuse that Camilla received after her relationship with Charles was revealed to the world.

Next time, Diana threw herself against broken glass window piece and another time cut herself with a knife.

Diana had lost weight and the ring no longer fitted her.

Later the royals visited Manchester Town Hall, where Camilla had a private meeting with Freya Lewis, 14, who was badly injured in the bombing and is still recovering, along with her parents, Nick and Alison. Charles knew immediately what the public reaction would be: they would blame him. "What he needed was someone who was on his side", Junor writes, "who understood him, liked him, loved him even, who wouldn't make demands or be moody or temperamental, who was kind and warm, who would make him feel safe, boost his morale, restore his confidence and make him laugh again".

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Charles' friends - Emilie, Hugh van Cutsem and Lady Susan Hussey, have reportedly become increasingly concerned over his mental health, as he has frequently become angry and moody.

Camilla told them: "It is important to talk to each other afterwards". She didn't want anyone to ruin her fantasy even if she wasn't happy being married to Prince Charles. "And still Charles dug his heels in, insisting that his beloved Camilla wasn't going anywhere".

After Princess Diana's secret tapes made some shocking revelations about her life after marriage and Prince Charles' affair with Camilla, now Duchess of Cornwall's biography has made some explosive claims about the late Princess of Wales.

A biography about Camilla Parker Bowles coming soon, seriously just scratching the image of Princess Diana.

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New Camilla Parker Bowles Biography Exposes Diana's Paranoia Over Prince Charles' Affair