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Supreme Court battle over political districts unlikely to affect California's system

27 June 2017

Up to one-third of electoral maps in the United States could be affected by the justices' ruling, which is expected in the autumn.

He continued: "If the justices agree, it would be the first time the court has articulated a constitutional rule in this context, which could - and likely would - have enormous ramifications nationwide".

The district court judges ruled the current maps favor Republican candidates to the point where twelve Democratic plaintiffs who filed a 2015 lawsuit are being deprived of their constitutional rights by having to cast "wasted ballots". A divided panel ruled that the maps violated the constitution.

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Where did the term "gerrymandering" originate? He's reportedly taking a more active role with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which advocates for redistricting reform amid what many view as lopsidedly partisan legislative maps.

After winning control of the state legislature in 2010, Wisconsin Republicans redrew the statewide electoral map.

The challengers to the Wisconsin districts said it is an extreme example of redistricting that has led to ever-increasing polarization in American politics because so few districts are genuinely competitive between the parties. While these districts have allowed minorities to pick their representatives, they have had the unintended outcome of limiting minority influence in other districts by packing them into one. The Wisconsin voters who sued to challenge the Assembly map argued that gaps over 7 percent violated the Constitution.

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The court on Monday stayed a ruling requiring the Republican-controlled Legislature to draw new maps by November.

The state appealed to the supreme court, arguing that recent election results favoring Republicans were "a reflection of Wisconsin's natural political geography", with Democrats concentrated in urban areas including Milwaukee and Madison. "I am pleased that the Court granted our request on this important issue".

"There's enough of an emphasis now on this rather arcane process that the Supreme Court has finally got to dip their toe into this and make some sort of decision". Others say courts should step in. Though a "workable standard" defining it did not exist, he suggested one might emerge in a future case. The court has been willing to take a position on racial gerrymandering, including in May when it upheld a decision ruling two North Carolina congressional districts were racial gerrymanders.

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Lawmakers said they ignored race in redrawing the state's congressional districts and focused exclusively on party affiliation, yet the result is the same: divided communities and rigged elections that continue to deny North Carolina voters of their constitutional right to have a voice in choosing their representatives. "But if you really know the Wisconsin political geography - and that's a learning curve! - they are freaky". "They've passed state laws to rig legislative district lines and erect barriers to the ballot box for people they don't think will vote for them".

Supreme Court battle over political districts unlikely to affect California's system