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Senate health plan gets mixed reception

24 June 2017

Somebody with cancer might be able to buy insurance but find it doesnt cover expensive chemotherapy. Anthem Inc. says it will pull out of health insurance markets in most of the state next year because, as Obamacare is structured, the company can not afford to continue offering government-approved health insurance without losing money. It would not give states the opportunity to opt out of protections for consumers with pre-existing medical conditions; it offers subsidies to insurance companies similar to those under the Affordable Care Act to defray the costs of discounting premiums for low-income consumers; and it provides subsidies under a formula that avoids the threat of sudden premium spikes inherent in the House bill.

There are 1.9 million people on Medicaid in Washington, many of whom came on the rolls because of the expansion under the Affordable Care Act.

Flake and McCain have remained mum on whether they will support the Senate health bill, with both saying they are studying it.

Here is a tally of where Republican senators stand on the bill in its present form, before any possible amendments, based on statements by or interviews with the lawmakers on Thursday and Friday. "Well, they're also four good guys, four friends of mine and I think that they'll probably get there", he said.

While Mr Trump reportedly called the House bill "mean" and wants to see a bill with heart, Mr Schumer said "the Senate bill may be meaner". "She has met with and heard the concerns of many Mainers about their health care challenges, and she will continue to do so as she studies the impact of this legislation on ME and the nation".

Health care experts from across the political spectrum have said that the Republican health care plan was unworkable and suffered from fatal flaws and could lead to Americans dropping out of the health care market.

Hillary Clinton: GOP Becomes 'Death Party' if They Pass Senate Healthcare Bill
The story examined the claim that more Americans will die on the Republican health care plan than the one that is now in place. They said the measure missed delivering a GOP promise to Americans "to repeal Obamacare and lower their health care costs".

"You've got states across the country, including Pennsylvania, that have to balance their budget", he said.

Like the House bill, the Senate's draft bill would repeal ACA taxes like the health insurer tax, which the industry has lobbied hard against.

Heller, like four other GOP senators who announced their opposition to the Obamacare repeal bill that was unveiled Thursday, left the door open to negotiations.

Despite this, half of Florida's children and three in five nursing home residents depend on Medicaid and its Children's Health Insurance Program, according to a June 2017 report by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Obamacare is working, they insist. Coverage must be at least as comprehensive as the federal standard, for one thing.

"This bill will have a devastating impact on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families", said Peter Berns, CEO of The Arc. It would be bad for Rhode Islanders.

A full repeal would mean eliminating health insurance subsidies and letting the health insurance market adjust its prices or face the devastating loss of millions of customers.

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For their part, insurers may heavily pressure states to make such changes, analysts said.

Senate Minority Leader Sen. Extra state funds that help pay for those people and another 319,000 childless adults who earn less than the poverty level also would go away, forcing the state to choose between throwing them off the program or raising taxes.

Brewer said cutting Medicaid eventually will cause private insurance premiums to rise because people losing coverage will seek treatment in hospital emergency rooms.

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