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Schumer, Senate Democrats Ask For Meeting With Republicans About Health Care Bill

18 June 2017

"Please accept our invitation to sit down together in the old Senate Chamber so we can hear your plans and discuss how to make health care more affordable and accessible in the United States", Schumer writes in the letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, which was sent to the press by Schumer's office.

Under Senate rules, their bill must replicate the $133 billion in savings projected by preliminary legislation that passed in the House last month.

Under a process called reconciliation, the bill needs at least 50 votes to pass, with Vice President Mike Pence casting the tie-breaking vote if needed. Whether Medicaid is gutted, putting disabled children at risk. Tim Scott of SC said last week.

The details of the Republican-backed bill is still a mystery; and, many Medicaid patients are anxious that the bill will slash state funding by millions of dollars. That's because the expansion population is healthier than the traditional Medicaid population.

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Republican senators are expected to unveil their health care proposal Monday after working behind closed doors. There have also been no public hearings on changes made to the House version of the bill. Just ask the House Republicans, whose morally repugnant American Healthcare Act is about as popular as E. coli. Patty Murray (D-WA) of Secretary Price. Chuck Grassley said the bill would "bring certainty to the insurance market", but couldn't explain how. That's critical to judge whether the rate at which Congress allows the per capita contribution for Medicaid to grow will leaving states holding the bag.

He added: "I hate to think that looking back on this period, we'll realize that the most regressive piece of social legislation in modern American history was passed, and no one was paying attention". Heller's vote is considered critical, as is Alaska Sen.

Sen. (R-Utah) is another potential conservative "no" vote.

The reason why McConnell and his didn't want to meet with these groups is that they can't afford to let people know what is in their healthcare bill.

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Lawmakers in both houses talked about the need to get a budget adopted before the state's new year starts on July 1 with many state workers facing the possibility of furloughs. However, after subsidies are accounted for, net premiums would be about 5 percent higher, or $19 more per month, it said.

"Because the House bill is so mean and so unpopular, Senate Republicans are left with two options: Either fix what's in the bill or just hide it from everyone", Noah said in the segment (above).

Governor Wolf said Pennsylvania stands to lose a lot if Medicaid is cut dramatically. According to the New York Department of Health, if the current health system is repealed critical health care services for local residents would be shut down. "I think it'd be too soon", Wisconsin Sen.

Experts say the bill would lower coverage for younger people while making it unaffordable for many other people.

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