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E3 2017: How Super Mario Odyssey's Local Co-op Works

17 June 2017

In the local co-op mode, players will see that Mario's hat will float around Mario's head.

Nintendo released a new trailer for its upcoming video game "Super Mario Odyssey" at the E3 Convention, which focuses on both video games and electronic devices.

You'll be looking to collect Moons - similar to Stars from Super Mario 64 to progress. Also, Cappy is unreceptive to damages, making it apt for less experienced players, notes The Verge.

E3 2017: How Super Mario Odyssey's Local Co-op Works
E3 2017: How Super Mario Odyssey's Local Co-op Works

The idea of having someone control Cappy exclusively in Super Mario Odyssey sounds a bit. not great, actually. While one player controls Mario through a joy-con, another controls Cappy through his or her joy-con. Cappy is a whole different ball game though.

Check out co-op mode for "Super Mario Odyssey" in action around the 4:30 mark.

Mario is still able to jump, however, using the bottom face button, and he's also still able to throw Cappy if he needs to, even if another player is in control of the cap.

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Nintendo exhibited several interesting features during the launch of the new version.

In the upcoming " Super Mario Odyssey, "Mario's hat is alive, and it's accompanying him on a weird new journey.

As usual, the turtle-like monster Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach but this time he wants to marry her. Some fans are even asking themselves whether the real Mario has been a hat all along - now it's grown exhausted of manipulating the same moustachioed plumber over and over again for 30 years.

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In a lot of ways, Super Mario Odyssey is reminiscent of this past title, which is just fine as Sunshine is the flawless game to draw inspiration from for the Switch's first Mario title.

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E3 2017: How Super Mario Odyssey's Local Co-op Works