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'The Book of Henry' Debuts a New Clip Starring Maddie Ziegler

16 June 2017

The 10-year-old Room star is a huge fan of the sci-fi film series and now he has director Colin Trevorrow's number on speed dial, he's hoping to get the filmmaker's input on his new script. Henry also turns out to be one hell of a writer, though not in any conventional way.

As THR's critic John DeFore wrote, "Those of us who've allowed ourselves to care about the latest Star Wars trilogy may be made fearful about the prospect of an "Episode IX" directed by Trevorrow".

I found "The Book of Henry" irresistible precisely because it's so confounding. But Trevorrow is getting knocks that aren't just about the writing.

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"We're supposed to be glimpsing the tale's grand design, but what we see, for the first time, is that the entire thing is a crock: a film dreamed up by people who are moving "human situations" around like pieces on a checkerboard", wrote Owen Gleiberman of Variety. Director Colin Trevorrow is best known for Jurassic World, but The Book of Henry is more in the mold of his indie debut, Safety Not Guaranteed; both films attempt to juggle comedy, whimsy, pathos and elements of suspense, never coming even remotely close to synthesizing a coherent tone.

Small wonder she challenges her best girlfriend (Sarah Silverman) to "find me another male of the species who is more grown up than him". The Guardian appeared to be more straightforward in its review, though, calling The Book of Henry an "insidiously bad film".

Should You Worry About "Star Wars: Episode IX"?

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Star Wars: Episode IX is slated to premiere on May 24, 2019.

That being said, Trevorrow had also been responsible for Safety Not Guaranteed, a raucously amusing feature debut which pleased Sundance Film Festival moviegoers and critics alike for its performances, story, and subtle implementation of science-fiction elements.

Watch Naomi's creative video below, and don't miss Book of Henry when it hits theaters this Friday (June 16)! Perhaps, but also perhaps not.

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The book of the title is revealed to be an instruction manual written by Henry that sets in motion a remote-control revenge scheme guided from beyond the grave.

'The Book of Henry' Debuts a New Clip Starring Maddie Ziegler