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Myrcella's 'Game of Thrones' death was supposed to be way more gross

13 June 2017

One character in HBO's Game of Thrones season 5 was supposed to meet a much grislier fate.

Before departing Dorne with her uncle-slash-father Jaime Lannister, Myrcella receives a kiss from Ellaria Sand, a kiss coated in the deadly poison that doesn't kill Myrcella until she's helpless at sea.

So, to recap: a girl was poisoned and died in front of her father - who had no idea he was her daddy - and that's somehow the sweeter of the two possible scenes.

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Speaking with MYM Buzz at MCM London late last month, Free shared how the original plan for her character's demise was way worse than what they later went with. In a recent interview at MCM London, the actress who portrayed Myrcella, Nell Tiger Free, let slip that her character's Season 5 finale death was meant to be far more gruesome than what actually aired.

And who said Game of Thrones wasn't brainy enough?

Sad, but not almost as disgusting as it was going to be.

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She claimed that the team gave her mashed bananas with fake blood on them so they would look like brains spilled out of her head, indicating that her death was supposed to be a really horrific one. "I don't like gore but, I knew they were just like bananas, so I was okay with it". Heroes get a villain's death, while villains sometimes sleep peacefully. The death itself, at least by Game of Thrones' standards, is pretty tame. The death came after Jaime Lannister revealed that Myrcella was his daughter, along with her sharing that she always knew and was totally cool with it. I was so excited. But the ultimate decision to tone down the scene makes sense.

"They wanted it to be sweet, which is rare for [Game of] Thrones", she added.

Considering Shireen's death and Jon Snow's assassination all occurring within the 60 minutes of that finale, perhaps we should all be grateful things didn't go as originally planned.

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(The greatest: staying alive.) Game of Thrones is full of compliments, from the Lannisters sending their regards to Robb Stark to Joffrey choking on his own hate (and poisoned wine).

Myrcella's 'Game of Thrones' death was supposed to be way more gross